Surrounded by the Caha Mountains, south of Kenmare Town, the house is a newly built five bedroom passive house set on five acres comprised of landscaped gardens, two lakes, a mountain river and an ancient ring fort.

All bedrooms are en-suite and B&B accommodation is available – each room has 1 double & 1 single bed.

This building was designed and built as a Pure Space to accommodate the asthmatic condition and allergies of the owner and to provide a service that we found was lacking in Ireland. This offers the ideal solution to those visitors who have similar conditions and find holidaying away from home difficult. The house has a ventilation system which guarantees fresh, clean air at all times throughout the building.

No chemicals were used in the building process and no chemicals are used in the day to day running of the house, only carefully selected eco products. We request all guests to be aware of the importance of respecting and co-operating in order to maintain the Pure Space we have created here. We provide pure space friendly products for our guests and ask them to refrain from using their own products prior to arrival and while staying with us. This includes any sprays or perfumed products such as perfumes, aftershaves, lotions and deodorants.

We are more than happy to answer all queries and questions regarding the maintenance of our pure space so please feel free to contact us.


the house


ancient ring fort

Ring forts are the most abundant monuments on the Irish landscape, over 45.000 have been identified and are believed to be thousands of years old.

A ring fort is a circular space raised above the ground, rounder by a bank and a ditch and it is generally thought that they were used as homesteads and dwelling for animals.

The ring fort on the site in Gortnabinny is approximately 35 meters in diameter, is in very good condition with a visible bank & ditch surround, with a circle of mature beech trees.